The Safest Fencing Option for Your Horse

Owning and caring for horses can be an expensive business. PVC is not just an affordable, attractive post & rail fence system, but its innovative design and safety features work to reduce unnecessary injury to both horse and rider, and your fence. Made from high strength PVC, PVC Post & Rail fencing looks just like traditional timber post & rail, but offers a number of distinct benefits you won’t find with standard fencing.

Post & Rail

  • 20 Year Written Guarantee
    Against installation faults or material defects.
  • Flexible
    The unique fabrication and in-built memory of this fence allows it to give and spring back into place reducing the potential for injury to horse and rider, while maintaining its shape and great looks.
  • Safe
    With no painting or chemical treatments required, your horse is not exposed to potentially harmful products – especially those horses prone to cribbing or windsucking. PVC fencing is also resistant to chipping, warping and splitting offering further protection to your four-legged friends.
  • Maintenance Free
    PVC Post & Rail fencing is UV stable so it won’t deteriorate when exposed to the harsh Australian climate, eliminating the need for re-painting or replacing due to weakening. The PVC construction also makes PVC termite proof.
  • Easy Repair & Installation
    Should repair be necessary, the product can be easily disassembled and new components slipped into place. The hollow-core construction makes PVC components light and portable, so installation is quick and easy.
  • Strong
    This hard-wearing PVC fencing combines strength and flexibility to create a durability not found in timber.
PVC provides an affordable, long-term and hassle free alternative to traditional post & rail solutions.

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